Madness is genius, and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring

— Marilyn Monroe

This may be a little zany, but we think some epicurean trends can be — shall we say — a bit stuffy. At the Barking Mad Café, our goal was to create a chic, modern environment that’s fun and inviting. Call us daft, but we also believe a menu can be off the beaten path without sending you on a wacky, unpronounceable adventure or scaring the kids. Our chefs focus on fresh, local ingredients and simple, yet elegant presentation.


Drink Up!

Whether you’re picking up a house-made Barkuccino on the run, or sipping a cocktail at the bar, it’s all about the ingredients. Our cafe baristas proudly serve Counter Culture coffee, sourced directly from farmers and cooperatives. Our bartenders serve craft beers and they hand make refreshing libations and specialty drinks with original recipes found only in our mad, mad, mad, mad world.

Crazy Good Eats

Barking Mad’s chefs are freakishly obsessed with freshness and original tastes. Choose from a menu of absurdly good starters, garden-fresh salads, handmade pizzas, unconventional sandwiches and delectable dinner entrees. And save a little tummy space for scratch-made desserts. You’ll go bananas.

Barking Mad Cafe

Off the Trolley Location

Close to the Shady Grove Metro just a hop off I-270, Barking Mad Cafe is at the hub of the Spectrum. Our patio, which seats 100+, gives you a window on the world. Situated next to the Performer’s Park stage, lighted Splash Pad and community lawn it’s a great place to people watch or listen to live music.