The only people for me are the mad ones

—Jack Kerouac

barking mad inside cafe

Crazy delicious and a little bit bohemian. Welcome to the Barking Mad Café. Were we mad to create a Counter Culture café where people could enjoy America’s top-rated coffee and made-from-scratch pastries? Are we batty to cook in a wood hearth and pair modern fare with a full-service bar featuring specialty cocktails? Is it bonkers to build a 100-seat patio with sparkling lights so diners can gather and enjoy the vibrant city beat? Perhaps. But as Aristotle once said, “There is no great genius without some touch of madness.”

Insanely Fresh!

Premium gourmet coffees, scratch-baked sweets and savories, organic veggies and farm-fresh ingredients — you might say we’re a little nutty when it comes to quality. And our chefs prepare meals in our open kitchen, so you can watch the magic from start to beautiful presentation. Oooo, la, la!